November 25, 2022 (656)
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Greg Doherty has been embedded in the dietary supplement industry since 2002, when he discovered that companies were paying punitive premiums for product liability insurance. Today he is the recognized expert on the subject. His wide range of clients include raw material suppliers, contract manufacturers, wholesale distributors/retailers, formulators, testing labs, GMP consultants and other industry specialists. Read More. Greg sets the standard for a nutraceutical product liability insurance broker and has published articles on dietary supplement product liability insurance and related topics which can be viewed here.

Key Questions

Product liability insurance premiums for supplements are so expensive—why should we consider buying it at all?

As a practical matter you can’t afford not to. The supplement industry has an unfortunate reputation of harboring “snake oil” companies in a “Wild West” environment. Media-fueled public perception is that the industry is unregulated by the FDA or FTC. This makes the industry an attractive arena for plaintiffs’ attorneys. The cost to defend lawsuits if you don’t have liability insurance is huge! It’s simply smart business to transfer the risk of attorney’s fees and settlement costs to an insurance company for a reasonable premium, given this unfavorable environment.

Is there any kind of false advertising liability insurance that would defend a class action against us?

Currently, there is no true false advertising insurance that will protect your company from this kind of litigation. And don’t be fooled by the “Advertising Injury” coverage in your general liability policy. While it might sound as if you have some false advertising coverage there, you don’t. Read More.

Product liability policies also provide Product Recall insurance-don’t they?

No, although the implication is there in the term “product liability coverage.” Meaningful Product Recall insurance is provided by a separate policy. Read More.

More Key Questions Greg Doherty Can Answer

How much product liability insurance is enough for a company of our size and category (raw materials, contract manufacturing, etc.)?

My fulfillment house or offsite warehouse is insuring my inventory against fire, theft, etc. aren’t they?

We’ve heard about the wholesale broker that must be used to get product liability insurance. Why can’t you cut out this “middleman” and save us money?

What are the dietary supplement liability insurance regulations of GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, and other large retailers?

We’ve heard about insuring serious adverse event reports. Are those really “claims” that have to be reported to our product liability insurance company?

If we have GMP certifications, can we get a lower premium?

We’ve heard about association insurance programs. Do they really offer premiums discounts as promised?

What about Prop 65 claims against us?

Can we introduce new products without our product liability insurance company approving them first?

What exactly is a non-admitted insurance company? Should we be concerned about their ability to pay a claim?

We hear that some ingredients commonly used in supplement products today are excluded by the companies offering product liability. What are those ingredients and what do we do if we sell products that contain one of these ingredients?

Greg Doherty and his team can answer these questions and more. They will deliver the right coverage for the best available premium, along with personal service and industry expertise you should expect from an insurance broker specializing in your industry. Call him at 626-840-0270 or send him an email