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Bolton Announces New Transit/Inventory Insurance



June 30, 2016

(Pasadena CA). Bolton & Company today announced the launch of a new, broad coverage insurance program for dietary supplement companies. Designed primarily for non-perishable finished goods, the program utilizes Lloyd’s of London as the carrier. It focuses on two exposures often overlooked and/or underinsured by supplement companies: goods while in transit (most often via truck) and while at a fixed location, commonly a third party fulfillment house.

“We put this program together to fill a void in the insurance market. Historically we’ve found that insurers generally have an aversion to insuring the finished goods inventory of supplement companies. We’ve solved that,” says Greg Doherty, Supplement Practice Leader at Bolton. “Better yet, we’ve upgraded the recovery basis to selling price instead of the more traditional replacement cost valuation. This means that if your goods are destroyed in a truck crash or in a fire at your fulfillment house, you will get a check from the insurance company that includes your lost profits. This also eliminates the draconian task of completing a business income worksheet for your insurance company.”

The program also addresses the mistaken belief held by many that if your goods are in a third-party fulfilment house, the fulfillment provider is insuring your inventory. Adds Doherty, “In my experience talking with fulfillment houses, 95% of them say they do not insure their customer’s goods, and usually that provision is found buried in their contract. I think there are hundreds of supplement companies out there that have overlooked this potentially catastrophic exposure.”

Doherty is available to answer questions on this new program and can be reached at gdoherty(a) or 626-535-1409.

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