August 7, 2022 (656)
Greg Doherty
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Bolton & Company Insurance Brokers to Offer Benefit for UL/NPA GMP Certified Factories


UL and the Natural Products Association (NPA) have formed an alliance with Bolton & Company, the leading specialists providing insurance programs for dietary supplement manufacturers and suppliers. Bolton & Company acknowledges the joint UL/NPA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification Program as a recognized ANAB accredited GMP inspection and may offer companies achieving UL/NPA GMP Certification the potential to reduce premiums, in particular for product liability insurance.

The team at Bolton & Company are experts in their field with over 25 years combined experience servicing the dietary supplement industry, including but not limited to raw material suppliers, contract manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers, private label suppliers, formulators, testing laboratories, GMP consultants and other industry specialists.

“I’m excited about this new alliance and the possibility to reduce the insurance costs for companies that have made the commitment to full GMP compliance by earning the UL/NPA GMP Certification,” notes Greg Doherty, Managing Director of Bolton’s Dietary Supplement Practice. He adds, “Companies achieving the Certification have set the high bar for quality, and we can demonstrate that to the insurance carriers.”

Through its leading audit services for dietary supplement oversight the UL/NPA GMP Dietary Supplement Certification Program mitigates dietary supplement supply chain risk. For more information email To contact Bolton & Company, email and mention the UL/NPA program, or visit The Bolton & Company website.

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